McDavid Knee Support Comparison

A lot of customers always asking sports-wear, what are the different between three categories of McDavid knee support level 1, 2 and 3? This is why we write out this article to guide our customer to choose the right knee support for their need.

McDavid level 1 is Basic support. These primary McDavid knee support are suitable for mild knee pain, sprains and instabilities and conditions such as arthritis, bursitis or runners knee.

McDavid level 2 is Advanced support. These advanced protection McDavid knee support are suitable for mild to moderate ligament instabilities and/or knee pain.

McDavid level 3 is Elite suppport. These elite McDavid knee support are the ultimate in protection. They are designed to provide the maximum level of support for moderate to severe knee instability and pain.

Take a look at some unique and distinguishing features between three categories of McDavid knee support.

Basic Level 1 Advanced Level 2 Elite Level 3
  • They support the muscles and ligaments by providing compression to the knee
  • They help increase circulation by retaining heat which can help to promote healing
  • There are two types of basic knee support, closed and open:

    Closed Sleeve Knee Support: A full sleeve provides support all around the knee joint and retains heat well
    Open Sleeve Knee Support: Has a hole and support buttress at the front which reduces pressure on the kneecap which can be helpful when there is pain at the front of the knee e.g. from chondromalacia patella, or Runners Knee.
  • Have adjustable straps and inbuilt supports to provide targeted support where needed
  • Reduce the forces going through the kneecap by improving how the kneecap moves
  • Retain heat which increases the circulation to the knee which can help to promote healing
  • Advantages: Wrap-around style McDavid knee support often fit better and are easier to get on and off than pull on sleeves as you can adjust them to your knee. They tend to stay in place better and can be tightened as swelling reduces.
  • Use a combination of splints and hinges to help provide support and prevent further injury
  • Made of stronger materials than level 1 and 2 to provide more support
  • Support soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) through compression
  • Promote healing by retaining heat which increases circulation
Products for each level
McDavid Elastic Knee Sleeve
McDavid Knee Support
McDavid Knee Sleeve with anterior patch & open patella
McDavid Knee Wrap
McDavid Knee Support
McDavid Double Knee Wrap
McDavid Ligament Knee Support
McDavid Multi Action Knee Wrap
McDavid PSII Hinged Knee Brace

McDavid Knee Support Size Guide

It is really important to get the correct size support, otherwise it won't stay in place properly, will not provide adequate support and will become uncomfortable. McDavid knee support are either one size fits most or come in five sizes.

To get an accurate fit, measure around the centre of the knee and chose from the options below. If your knee size falls between two sizes, it is usually best to go for the larger size for a better fit.

Measure around knee S M L XL XXL
Size in Inch 12-14" 14-15" 15-17" 17-20" 20-22"