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UHLSport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Bionik Keeper Glove

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UHLSport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Bionik Keeper Glove

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2001, we launched our own patented latex ABSOLUTELY GRIP on the market. The recipe keeps us safe. It has the optimum balance between absolute grip and the required service life. Therefore, it was brave to change in the functioning of the recipe, and yet it was exactly what we did.We wanted to use today's technology to find out if it was possible to improve. And see there, we managed to make the best even better. The result? Better grip and higher damping. By adding special additives (= glue) in small quantity, we managed to significantly improve the grip. The attenuation was enhanced by an exclusive material construction. The end result made us overwhelmed and encouraged us to put it to use after the extensive tests. We have named it ABSOLUTELY GRIP PLUS.

  • PALM: Patented ABSOLUTGRIP PLUS for advanced cushioning and outstanding grip under all weather conditions, palm color red
  • UPPERHAND: 3D-embossed latex
  • CUT: Normal cut with wrapped thumb and fingertips for perfect surround grip
  • GLOVE BODY: Comfortable textile for best breathability and wearing comfort
  • CLOSURE: Wrap around latex flap and full bandage for best wrist fixation
    • New Ergonomic-design with new functional upperhand elements
    • Ergonomically precurved for best wearing characteristics
    • Micro-injected .SchockZone. on upperhand for outstanding punching performance and cushioning
    • Integrated lightweight BIONIKFRAME+ for optimised finger stabilisation and flexibility at the same time:
    • One of the most lightweight and flexible stabilisation systems for the fingers
    • Additional thumb support element following the bionik approach
    • Backhand plate for advanced energy distribution and reduced risk of injuries
  • Material:
    • latex:54%
    • PE:13%
    • polyester:12%
    • rubber:12%
    • nylon:4%
    • silicon:3%
    • PU:2%
  • Please measure the circumference of hand (without the ankles) with a measure tape.
    Hand Measurement (CM)1515.51616.517.5181920.5222324262727.528.5

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