McDavid Ankle Support / Mesh W/Straps  SKU No: MCD-433R

SKU No: MCD-433R
Category: Protective Apparel
Colour: White
Available Size:
  M, L, XL

MYR 109.00

Product Description:

  • A completely breathable pull-on anklet with two elastic figure 8 adjustable Velcro straps for graduated support.
  • Provides mild, soft-tissue support and compression.
  • Does not contain neoprene.
  • Composition: Monofilament elastic and polyester mesh
  • How to wear
    • Slip foot into mesh sock
    • Position straps flat under foot to the left and right
    • Pull one strap up, across top of foot, wrap around back and secure to front of ankle
    • Repeat wrap with other side of strap
  • S M L XL
    Men Shoe Size (US) 6-9 9-11 11-13 14-15
    Women Shoe Size (US) 7-10 10-12 12-14 15-16

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