McDavid mmHg Calf Sleeves - Black MCD8836 SKU No: MCD-8836

SKU No: MCD-8836
Category: Protective Apparel
Colour: Black
Available Size:
  XS, S, M, L, XL

MYR 149.00

Product Description:

  • Calves benefit from increased blood circulation due to Targeted Compression Technology
  • Specialty yarns are quick-drying and antimicrobial for additional comfort
  • hDc Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
  • Millimeters of Mercury* (units of measurement/no actual mercury) at ankle (18-21mmHg) and top of sock (12.6-14.7mmHg) to enhance blood flow
  • Suggested wear time: length of game/run/extended workout
  • Swiss-made quality
  • Includes one pair
  • Materials Used: 50% Tactel/40% Polyamid/10% Lycra (elastane)

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