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Silk Screen Printing

Silk Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen printing provides excellent durability as the inks involved where designed to be used on a range of different surfaces. In addition to the inks physical properties, the act of pressing the silk screen ink into the fabric further increases the longevity of the design.

Tshirt or polo tee that uses the silk screen process will stand up to years of washes and physical abuse. We highly recommend this type of printing process for our clients for different occasions and purposes. Example like company activities, event, sports day, family outing, team building day, wedding day, class outting, graduation etc.

Ideal Candidate For Silk Printing

Screen Printing can be used to print on both cotton and polyester fabrics

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Pricing For Silk Printing

Silk screen printing, we break each color in the design into individual screens. We then overlay each screen over your garment to lay that ink colour with a automated or manual machinery and the end result is your completed design. So the ideas is: more colours = more screens and more screens = more time + cost.

Silk Colors Colors
The more colors in the design, the more screens needed.
Silk Quantity Quantity
Print 10pcs is more expensive than print 100pcs.
Silk Size Size of Printing
Within A4 size or within A3 size?

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